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Jordan Palmer Wiens

DOB: 04/19/1992
Living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

   Jordan's photographs intend to represent his subjects in the most honest and admirable manor whether it be human or structural. His lighting is natural and straight forward and puts his subjects in their best light, and prefers to use the environments that best suit the subject to be able to tell a story about them. This adds a side
of character that differentiates from a backdrop portrait. His work uses the entire frame to focus on specific meanings in every key detail; the bigger picture with more information as you look closer. His filmmaking background has also made spreading these ideas over a series a natural routine.

   He is always consciously previsualizing to improve his craft and use his skills and ideas in the most productive way possible, for himself, and for his clients. Creating a network of positive creation to benefit all aspects of community is the priority for his career.

Adobe Imaging Award 2013
Epson Movie Poster Award 2013
Algonquin Exhibition Best in Show 2013