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   Skateboarding has given me back more than I feel I have put into it. This is why I chose to focus my work on something that could shine a light on people or places that are continually feeding back into our little community of skateboarders. Without people like these keeping our lifestyle from metamorphosing into a grandiose, Nascar stardom type 'sport', our future will be littered with brand loyal, fame hungry kids, which is not what skateboarding is about. Supporting each other, promoting positive work and keeping the core values skateboarding started on are what I tried to accomplish with this piece.

Aaron Cayer, skate shop owner & activist.

    Aaron is a man who seems to be everywhere at once. His local Ottawa skateboard shop 'Antique' is the new venue for city wide artistic talent and a supporter of a few hand selected team riders that Cayer wants to keep on the board. Also the founder of the non-profit organization 'Ottawa Skateboard Community Association' (OSCA), he continues to push for the best interests of skateboarders in Ottawa.

Andrew Szeto, photographer & entrepreneur.

   Also known as the 'Motivator', Szeto has been all over the city and then some helping out where ever he can. Whether it comes to promoting local skateboarders as a photographer in many major skateboard magazines, or promoting local artists with his new endeavour 'Maru the Circle Brand' by showcasing them in collaborative clothing pieces and featuring them on the Maru website. Andrew leaves people with a smile and a little push to push themselves.

Le Taz, indoor skateboard facility - Montréal, QB.

   As a skateboarder living in the North, we see about half the outdoor skateboarding time than our southern counterparts. This is of course manageable due to indoor skateboard facilities such as Le Taz and South Parc in Montréal, Québec. Even if it's a three hour drive to our closest skateboard haven, this facility gives us back the joy of our recreation when the winter is looking blue. It also features a cafeteria, lounge, and is host to international contests that showcase talent from all over. And if that's not all, behind the park is a community DIY skatepark built by skateboarders named Projet 45.

Matt Dupuis, Wallride Fakie

South Parc indoor facility, Montréal, QB.

   In many cities it is illegal to step foot on a skateboard outside a designated skateboard park, San Francisco being one of them. That is however if they can catch us. The laws only become more strict if we let them, this is why petitioning as a community is the only way our government will know we think it's wrong to take awaywhat gives us our greatest freedom. Adam Wawrzynczak throws the San Francisco section 100a law right back in their faces with this FS Noseslide right outside City Hall.

Adam Wawrzynczak, FS Noseslide, amatuer skateboarder.

(work in progress)